Welcome To Somnium. Where it's always #DreamChasingSeason
Centrally Located In Norfolk.
Off Little Creek Rd between Tidewater Dr and Chesapeake Blvd
What You Can Expect.
Personal Attention, Fulfilling Workouts, Effective Nutrition And Results 
We Have 3 Levels To Chose From. 
Transformation Challenge

This is where your #DreamChasingSeason begins. 

Everything you need to Transform your Body, Health, Fitness and Accountability wrapped into one easy to follow program. 

Our "Transformation Masters" have Bachelor's Degrees in Exercise Science and specialize in adjusting the daily workout to match your level of Fitness. 

This ensures the highest level of effectiveness with the least amount of risk and time. 

With strict deadlines and clear guidelines we set you up for the highest possibility of success in this program. 

This is where you go if you want to #DreamBig

If you want to get a fulfilling workout experience like no other then CrossFit is where you go. 

We combine Cardio, Weight Training and Bodyweight movements into one high paced program. 

This training is for life and longevity. Burning fat and gaining lean muscle are what come with this program. 

You will have a ton of accountability, attention and results with this program. 

Virtual & Elevated Training Programs
This is where you go if you know exactly what you want and want the quickest path to get there. 
Personal programs and personal attention. 

No guesswork. Just real results.

You will get the highest level of accountability and attention in this program. 

Some More You May Want To Know. 
We have 75 classes a week starting at 530AM and as late at 7PM. 

We are the only CrossFit gym in the Norfolk area with Open Gym Hours from 530AM to 8PM Monday - Friday

#Dreams Come True 
You can see some of the results our members get with us. 

Excellent question.  We match you with the program that we believe would be the best fit for what you would like to accomplish. We have multiple levels of service based on the accountability and attention you desire. 

We stand behind what we provide and that's why all of our services come with a Somnium Money Back Guarantee. 

Schedule your in person interview on the next page so we can discuss your story and hear what goals you #Dream of.